Monday, February 27, 2012

A few more reasons to start working with us

Start, or possession of a company is another common wealth-building strategy.

Starting a business is not always really rich right away. It takes time and energy to build the income of a company and its capital value, but it can make you rich over time, when they effectively controlled. Therefore, if you can have experience of running a business, it sometimes makes more sense to buy an existing business and just do it better. Want to know how to build wealth or property from a company?                                
Easy Account Top-up: Load your account with bank wires, money transfers and practically all e-currencies via our integrated e-currency exchange service;
Flexible Boundless Payouts: Send payouts in any currency to users all around the world;
Pay via Email: If the recipient doesn't have account with OKPAY yet, he will be able to receive your transfer and signup for OKPAY later;
Flexible Withdrawals: Earned money can be withdrawn directly to a bank account, via an OKPAY- issued card or various supported e-currencies, etc.;
Fully Automatic: Easily send mass payments to several recipients with single click (Excel Sheet); 
Payments Tracking: Reduce the amount of paper work - all payments are stored in OKPAY history for your future reference;
Special Offer to Organizations: Free of charge OKPAY Card for your recipients (employer pays shipping charge);
Reliable & Secure: OKPAY account funds are securely protected with an additional possibility of authorization by entering one-time password(s), sent via SMS to a customer’s mobile phone;
User-Friendly: Featuring easy all-in-one user-friendly multilanguage web-interface.

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